Wednesday, December 5, 2012

CoupFlip: Hot Deal Hand-Me-Downs

There comes a time in every dealfinder's life when a low advertised price just isn't enough. We need more. And what happens when we invest in a seemingly hot deal and then change our minds after the return period? sell my groupon
Introducing CoupFlip, a revolutionary new site designed for the instant recycling of marked-down deals. Did you decide that tandem sky-diving just isn't in the cards for 2012, or wish that you got your pretty little hands on that BYOB art class and now it's sold out?

return or exchange deal living social groupon giltcityCoupflip is essentially an online marketplace where buyers and sellers can either post or snatch up someone else's unwanted deals. You know what they say..."one man's deal trash is another man's deal treasure." For sellers, the best part of all is that your deal is guaranteed to sell...because Coupflip buys all deals on the spot. Forget waiting around for your antique candle collection to sell on Ebay, Coupflip payment will already be in your bank account before your 12:00 lunch break.

Coupflip often provides further discounts on already reduced deals, and all transactions are performed safely through Paypal. So filter through your ancient Summer deals and dispose of the evidence at CoupFlip...nobody ever needs to know you bought that 8-course meal for one. Deal apetit!