Hellooooooo, all you fabulous people! I'm Allison, a Miami girl who's been saving the big bucks since 1989. As an avid world traveler, coupon addict and an unbelievably smart shopper, I'm confident that my tips and tricks for acquiring beautiful things will both amaze and inspire you!

I just returned from a 6-week adventure living in a West African Village. Suffice it to say that there are no "daily deals" available for BOGO tomatoes in the market or luxury catamaran cruises for two; everything is already more than affordable and you can always name your own price if you'd like to spend $3 instead of $4. Sometimes I forget I'm back in America and find myself bargaining at Bloomie's and Saks. "$100 for this dress??? I'll give you $15". Much to my dismay, that plan of strategy isn't as effective in real, established stores.

In addition to West Africa, I've been lucky enough to spend time in Switzerland, the UK, Italy, France, Israel, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore, all for less than $5,000 total. An inherent talent in deal-hunting allows me to experience a high quality lifestyle within a reasonable budget.  This unique passion for money-saving and interest in sharing the magic of value will certainly assist you on your path to becoming a Penny-Saving Princess!

Anyway, I studied Music at Tulane University in New Orleans, but could have very well been an English Major; I've had a profound love for words since I was a little girl. Creative diary entries might just be the explanation for my songwriting abilities...

On a much deeper level, I'd say I'm one of the kindest, warmest and most dedicated people you will ever encounter. I find more joy in gift-giving than receiving, nothing makes me happier than holding a baby and I love omelettes so much that I make sure to eat one every single day (a $2 meal, ya'll...what could be better?).

So join me in this new adventure, you'll 100% learn a thing or two about being a sophisticated money-saver  but most importantly, I promise to keep you laughing and smiling every step of the way.

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