Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chocolate Lovers Unite!

As we transition from August to September, I come to you with groundbreaking information; Godiva has a chocolate rewards club! Who knew?? Because the rewards start rolling in the month after you join, signing up today gives you the opportunity to start earning rewards as early as tomorrow! (Sneaky, sneaky)...

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As a member, you are entitled to one free chocolate every month! And as a female, I can personally say that there are times EVERY MONTH when, if I don't get my chocolate fix, somebody's gonna get punched. Am I right, ladies, or am I right???

Chocolate gift baskets are also a great way to say, "I love you" to that special someone or to send well wishes to a coworker..."I know nothing about you except that you're a little overweight and hoard chocolate at your desk everyday. Enjoy!"... Hey, you can use your annual free shipping reward for that and, wait for it....spend $20 or more in any single transaction and you better believe there's an extra gift in store for you...(literally, it will be in-store waiting for you after the 1st of the following month).

Membership is 100% free and sign up takes a grand total of 25 whatcha waiting for?? One delectable piece of chocolate is not going to ruin your stunning, you'll burn the cals right off walking back to your car (atleast that's what I tell myself after making high-caloric mistakes). SIGN UP FOR CHOCOLATE REWARDS HERE!

Never pay for movie tickets again. Ever.

Last night I had the extreme pleasure (pun intended) of catching a sneak peek of the movie, "For a Good Time, Call". As always, the stupid, sexual humor was totally my scene. And since I tend to measure the success of a movie by how violent my belly laughter becomes, my sore abs are telling me that this one was a real gem. Funny? Yes. Intellectual? No. Free? Yes.

Seeing as though the movie isn't actually released until tomorrow, I felt like a real-life celeb with access to the advance screening. I even wore a cocktail dress and sported an updo with curls for my red carpet debut but sadly, the Cinemark Paradise knows no such thing. I mean, WHERE were the paparazzi???

Truth is, these advance screenings are literally open to everyone. Here's the trick: when there's a movie coming out that you've been dying to see, check for the insider scoop on where your movie will be screened and when. You can either type in your zip code or the movie's name for available screenings, and then you'll get the info on how to snag the tickets. Often times, Film Metro or Fandango will hook you up with an instantly printable pair of passes. For Free! It just doesn't get much easier than that, folks.

Tip: Get to the theater about 30 minutes early. A line of over-stimulated teenagers will, most likely, already be there waiting and though we usually love to be fashionably late, it's never cool to be fashionably denied access to the theater.

For less popular movies and/or weekdays, finding a seat shouldn't be a problem, though arriving a little early is always your best bet. So indulge a little at the concessions counter and drop the guilt over a $5 small popcorn + buncha crunch...because it all evens out when your movie is free.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Express Sale: a gift from the heavens

Are we seeing stars or is this real life? The sale at Express is literally out of this world.

If we're being honest here, I'm usually put off by how unjustifiably expensive the store-brand clothes at Express are and boycott until Holiday sales happen...but listen up, ya'll: Christmas came early this year.

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From now until Monday (9/3), Express has put the ENTIRE store/website on sale. When you buy any item, a second item of equal or lesser value will be 50% off.

And if you're not already en route to the mall driving like it's your last lap of the the Indy 500, you can take an additional $25 off $50 or $50 off $125 if you've really gone all out.

And don't you dare feel guilty about the latter...there comes a point in every woman's life where a deep, genuine connection with a certain item is formed and then the bond is simply too strong to abandon at the register....we understand.

Tip: If you suspect your total might come out to $250 or more, try to organize your maxis into $125 piles and then checkout twice. It's certainly worth the hassle for the extra $50 off.

Tip #2: Always try to find like-priced items...the deal is not as good if you buy an $80 dress and then get your $15 scarf half price...ummm that's just embarrassing. It's the Express-lympics, so go for the gold, baby!

Example: If you find two great things for $39 a piece, your grand total will be $30 after discounts. Make that your goal. To get your discount online, enter  promo code "1792" at checkout. If you're more of an "in-store" kind of gal, CLICK HERE TO PRINT THE COUPON.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Laser Hair Removal, invest in a hairless future!

If you LOVE to shave, raise your hand.............


Maybe it was fun when your legs slightly resembled a gorilla's at age 12 and everyone else was doing it, but 10 years later I couldn't be more over it. Actually, I was over it by age 12.5 but whateva. What the Gillette Venus Goddess's failed to mention while prancing around on TV with perfect, silky legs is that razor burn happens. Painful cuts happen. Thick, sharp hair happens.

And we don't need to let it happen to us ever again.

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The solution? Laser Hair Removal. OK, so the initial investment for Laser Hair Removal might seem a little hefty but let me be the first to tell you that it is both an absolute necessity AND a money-saver. With crazy-cheap deals all over Groupon and Livingsocial, you can get entire 6-treatment packages for $100 or less.  That's like getting one step closer to heaven for only $17 a session, saving you thousands in the long run. Let's do the math:

A normal girl probably shaves 2-3 times a week (if we don't count the overachievers who shave daily and we're not friends with them anyway). That's 2 razors a week, 8 razors a month, 96 razors a year. Assuming razors are like $2 a piece, the laser will have already paid for itself after 6 months. And then the hundreds you save each year can be used for importing all-natural shea butter straight from Africa!

Tip: ALWAYS research the facility that is offering the deal BEFORE you buy. Some places might have horrible reviews and you deserve to be treated like a hairless princess.

Tip #2: Know your own pain threshold. If you usually cry over a skin pinch on St. Patty's day, this is probably not for you.

So, as the wise Taylor Swift once sang, "me and my body hair are never ever EVER...getting back together". Happy deal hunting!

Back to School? Back to Cool. Coupons Galore!

Whether you're a stylish Sophomore in college or the most fab teacher at school, get ready for class using these amazing coupons from Plus, if you shop online you can also earn cash back for free. Wait, what? Cash back for free? Yessssirr, this is not a false alarm. 

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  • Enjoy this Kohl’s coupon for 15% off your $100+ order. Expires: 9/5. Earn 4% Cash Back today.
  • With this ShoeDazzle coupon, get 25% off any one item. Expires: 9/1. Earn 5% Cash Back today.
  • Save with this Lord & Taylor coupon for 20% off regular price and sale items. Expires: 9/4. Earn 5% Cash Back today.
  • Step into style with this Shoebuy coupon! Get free shipping & $5 off any order. Expires: 9/3. Earn 17% Cash Back today.

**Cash back rates can change from day to day. These rates were valid 8/28. Join now for free and earn cash back when you shop!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Splurge of the week 8/27

Remember when you were a little kid and it was super exciting to see snow for the first time? We've all been there, thought it was freaking awesome, and I'm sure every single one of us tried to sneak some home for our friends. If that worked for you, let me know.

But have you ever heard someone ask a little kid in that unmistakable high-pitched whisper, "is it your first time seeing rain?!" No, of course you haven't. Because, unless you love having perpetual nipple-itis and a frizzy mop on your head, rain generally sucks.

Luckily, Target's adorable and extensive selection of rainboots will help you make the most of this year's rainy season. For only $29 a pair (or less), you can treat yourself to an entire collection of new boots. They're also running a promo for buy one, get one 50% off!
Navy Daisy Rainboots, Photo Credit:
Adalyn Leopard Rainboots, Photo Credit:

Colorful abstract rainboots
Look, even fugly ones for your crazy Aunt!
Photo Credit:
I've had my Target rainboots for like 5 years now and they all still look totally new. Plus, rainboots add a splash of personality to any rainy day ensemble and your freshly-manicured toes are far too precious to get all wet and pruny in regular shoes. Wet paws are reserved exclusively for dogs.

The point is, Target rainboots are a totally affordable splurge and an absolute wardrobe necessity. Just please promise me you won't get the short boots...they scream "I have secret cankles".

(Your discount will be automatically applied at checkout)!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Funday just got a whole lot cooler:

Online shopping has, as of late, become one of my guiltiest pleasures. My secret obsession? Karmaloop is basically the Urban Outfitter of the internet world, except with much nicer brands at WAY better prices. What's the main brand at Urban again?..."Silence and Noise"? My point exactly...At, you can expect to find anything from BB Dakota mini's to LeSportsac weekender bags, and the sales are never too good to be true.
Rebel Footwear Ursala's
Photo Credit:

The best thing about Karmaloop is, by far, the shoe section.  Brace yourself for an amazing deal. These adorable Rebel Footwear leopard-print platforms, (originally $64) are now reduced to $12.95. Like, is this real life?? There are thousands of deals to be had on the website, and I def wouldn't mind trading in one sushi lunch combo for a lifetime of happiness with these cuties.

I once found a pair of Tom's on the site for $5! Of course, I immediately thought it was a fluke or they'd be a Women's size 14, but the price was as real as K-Ci and JoJo in the 90's! The only drawback is that you have people all over the world trying to grab at this deal like it's challah on Shabbat and sadly, only two or three people will walk away satisfied.

JC Lita's for $95.95
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Sure, some things sold on Karmaloop are a little awkward and, I just don't really know anyone that's on the market for 80's Neon Skate Wax, but hey, if you're into that sorta thing then now you know where to find it!

Last but certainly not least, if you're in dire need of some glitter lita's for 42% off, Karmaloop's got you covered.

For a cool 20% off use the rep code "ALF412" at checkout.
For free shipping over $100, use promo code "SUMMA".
And if you subscribe to Karmaloop emails, get a $10 code straight to your email.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Travel Vouchers: Get 'Em While They're Hot!

For some, air travel might not be easy. There's so much schlep and waiting and boredom and far too many annoying gate agents trying to confiscate your brand new Tweezerman's...I mean, STRESS CENTRAL.

But if there's one thing I've learned in my past few years of travel it's that going home with a little goody bag from your airline makes it all worthwhile.

LET ME OFF THE PLANE, I said I'd do it!!!
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Every once in a while when life is really on your side, your flight will be oversold. When this happens, don't you dare settle into your latest "airplane playlist" and slip down your sleepy mask. You have a job to do. YOU BETTER BE LISTENING for the flight attendants when they ask for volunteers to get off the plane. I repeat, if volunteers are requested, you need to catapult yourself into the arms of a flight attendant, grab your bags and get your little behind off the plane. Why, you ask?

Because compensation for volunteers ranges anywhere from $300-$800 plus hotel accommodations (if necessary) and meals...and you'll get a seat on the next flight out. I don't care if I have a wedding to get to, I'm getting off the plane!

The last time I was fortunate enough to be booted off my flight, I was given a $350 travel voucher, a flight refund, and immediate rebooking. After all my prizes were awarded, they ended up putting me back on my original flight. I may have gotten the death stare from an entire airplane of people but hey, who's the one with a purse full of presents? THIS GIRL! I'll take a $500 walk of shame up and back from my aircraft any day.

So tonight when you're brushing your teeth in the bathroom mirror, be sure to practice your swift, assertive hand-raising skills...because voucher-snagging is an art and you've gotta be quick.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Groupon: Clicky the Clickable Value-Wheel

Ever since I was a little girl, coupons have been an integral part of my life. To this day, words could never describe the feeling of joy and satisfaction I get from saving a mere $1 on a box of Special K at the supermarket.

So, you can imagine my excitement circa 2008 when Groupon stole a little piece of my heart and only a few [hundred] dollars from my wallet. Often, I find myself buying deals for things I don't even want simply because the deal is too good to resist. Bamboo water torture for $99, you say? An evening trapped in a bat-cave for $19? Just. Can't. Say. No.

But seriously, some of the deals on Groupon are fab. I mean, who wouldn't want a $19 mani/pedi with a glass of champagne or a $100 all-inclusive getaway to Mexico? With that said, have you ever wondered what could be better than scoring one of these great Groupon deals? I'll tell you what...getting a deal on top of your deal! Allow me to explain...

Groupon Clicky the Clickable Value-Wheel
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Back in January or so, Groupon invented Clicky the Clickable Value-Wheel, a hideous and almost offensively creepy prize-wheel. But when linked with your Facebook account, Clicky gives you a daily opportunity to score additional savings for your purchases. If you're lucky, you can land on anything from $5 to $100 to be used towards a future purchase. Then if you're feeling frisky and want to "like" the Clicky Facebook page, you can get 5 additional spins on the spot. 

If you land on "Oops", don't fret. One of the beauties of this game is that there aren't any real "losers". Perhaps the best part about Clicky is that simply by playing, you gain access to the best deals that have already been closed to the general public as something of a consolation prize.

So go on, get clicking with Clicky and be sure to comment if you land on something brag-worthy! Click here to get to Clicky!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

PINK Nation: Everyone's Doing it

Paying for underwear is SO last season. I mean, who still does that?

Unless you have some strange obsession with Hanky Panky thongs, buying underwear is a waste of your hard-earned money. Why? Because Victoria's best kept secret is PINK Nation, an "exclusive" club (anyone can join) that hands out free undies like they're candy on Halloween.

Photo Credit: Victoria Secret
Every single month, a cute little coupon will come in the mail and there's usually no purchase required to snag your new treasure. I literally have a stock pile in my underwear drawer...picking out undies has honestly never been so exciting!

Occasionally they give away water bottles, little stuffed pink dogs, beach bags and other goodies you'll probably never use but it's still nice to get them for free (or give them as last minute holiday gifts in moments of extreme desperation).

Photo Credit:
Tip: Sign your Mom up too and then double up on the freebies...because Lord knows (or hopes) she's not still wearing lacy low-rise hipsters or anything correlated to the word "cheeky"! All Mom's should be wearing these: ----------------------------->

So save your $5 for $25, join PINK Nation immediately and spend your savings on things in life that really matter...aka shots, cupcakes and sushi.

Sign up here: JOIN PINK NATION!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Beauty School Drop Ins

When it comes to salon services, it's understood that you should always seek out an established, reputable place.

But, there are exceptions to every rule. Conveniently located in most American cities is a beauty school...a beauty school with lots of beauty students who need practice. What I'm trying to get at here is that you are not too good to be someone's guinea pig.

Photo Credit: Miley Cyrus Twitter
Obviously, some services are more appropriate to have done at a beauty school than others. None of us are so desperate for a $7 haircut that we're willing to put our beautiful locks in the hands of a newbie and come out looking like this. ------------------------>

But, you can rest assured that there are a wide variety of no-fault services you can have done for next-to nothing.

There's no real way to mess up a massage, is there? Especially one that costs less than a McDonald's value meal. Mani/Pedis are pretty safe, too. Afterall, these students usually want real experience and positive feedback so they try much harder than your average long as you don't show up to the party with ingrown toenails, that's when things tend to get ugly...

It's also a major perk that students are not allowed to accept tips...this is the perfect opportunity to feel like a Kardashian. Fake 'em out with a crisp $100 and then act disappointed when they tell you they can't take it..."but I really wanted you to have it....THANKS ANYWAY! BYEEEEEE!!!"

And as always, don't forget to ask for additional discounts! The ladies at my regular hotspot (The American Institute of Booty) always hook me up with a first timer special no matter how many times I've been there. So indulge your inner goddess and spend a day at the "spa" with your fave beauty school technicians!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Did someone say free movies?

For the last few years, I've been so busy scrounging the net for free movies that I've forgotten what it's like to smell the movie theatre enjoy the ambience of a dimly lit theatre, to find seats between an adorable family and a high-school couple, making out violently through the previews. Oh, the joys of cinema...

Luckily, saving money on pricey movie tickets just got a whole lot easier. Every once in a while, Moviefone sponsors a movie ticket giveaway. This is NOT a scam, I've scored tons of free tickets on this thing and all you have to do is spin a virtual prize wheel.

It's like gambling for free! Go to the following link:, enter your email/contact info one time and you'll be registered to play once a day until August 31st. I promise you have absolutely nothing to worry about, they won't fill your inbox with spam and your info won't be sold to third-world countries or killers.

There are thousands of free movie tickets to be had, so play once a day, be persistent, and watch the tickets roll in. I've already won two this week. Oh, and why not make a day of it? Start with a matinee and then theatre hop until you've crossed every movie off your "to see" list.

Good Luck!!

Splurge of the week 8/20

Some things just don't go on sale...but we still deserve to have them. I mean, I can't be expected to keep carrying around a Michael Kors satchel from 2007, that's just not reasonable.

Basically, there's just too many pretty bags and skirts made specifically for Fall 2012 that we need to be wearing.

So without further adieu, your splurge of the week is the Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Fran Tote Bag in Cinnamon.
Photo Credit:
Big enough to make people wonder what kind of mysterious and exciting things you keep inside, this bag is perfect for back to school.

It might be a little pricier than we imagined, but when you know you'll get a lot of wear out of something then it totally pays for itself. Plus, sign up for the Saks newsletter and treat yourself to 10% off., not for water lovers

Traveling the world ain't easy, especially when you're trying to stretch out your Bat Mitzvah money. Been there. Done that.

Having backpacked in Southeast Asia, lived in a West African village, been all over Europe/the UK, Israel, and road-tripped across the US, I think my total spending on all those trips combined only comes out to like $4500...pretty crazy, huh?

If there's a deal to be had, you better believe I found that shit. What's my secret, you ask?
Photo Credit: allows you to stalk the living shit out of airlines; it's a beautiful thing. Because flight prices are constantly changing, fill in your designated time of travel/destination, search, and then click price alert on the next page. There, you can double check your settings and then enter your email to create the alert. You will be notified as flight prices go down, and you can even keep an eye on fare charts to see which dates are cheapest to travel within your time frame. This is especially helpful if your travel dates are flexible. Look on the right hand side of the screen to find this little calender of prices.

Another amazing feature of is the fare chart. The fare chart shows you the rise and fall of prices within the last 30 days, so you can see if flights are taking a dip or getting rapidly more expensive. 
Photo Credit: is just a search tool, and though they tell you exactly where to go to find the best prices, you can't actually book through them. SO, once you've found your booking agent (Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity, etc) be sure to seek out additional discounts. You can do this by looking directly at the airline website for extra promos or by googling "Orbitz promo code 2012". If something good exists, will probably pop up as your #1 search result.

Sometimes flights (especially international) are much less expensive out of major airline hubs like Chicago and NYC. It definitely pays to check and compare those prices to the ones out of your departure city because you can always book your connection separately. For some reason it's easier to find promotions on domestic flights and you can often save a couple hundred dollars booking that way. Patience and persistence is key!

SAKS FASHIONFIX, the best thing since sliced bread

Fill your closet with pretty things without digging into your savings!

Ever heard of Saks Fashion Fix or Off 5th?? As the incredibly fashionable and wise Notorious B.I.G. once sang, "If you don't know, now you know".

The key to your new wardrobe can be found at
Every day at noon EST, a new online boutique at up to 70-90% off will open for only 24 hours. Depending on the boutique, you can get anything from Guiseppe Zanotti strappy heels to an Elizabeth and James dress at unbelievable prices. You have to be quick, though, because the really great stuff sells out fast. 
Photo Credit:

Tip: If you like something, add it to your cart immediately! will save the item for you for 10 minutes while you continue to browse and then you can decide if you actually want it later. Slow and steady definitely does NOT win this race. 

There's also an extensive "shop anytime" section which is like a Saks sale on crack. The best part? You don't have to rummage through lipstick-stained tank tops and awkwardly sized shorts on the sale rack to find the good stuff.

On top of your already-amazing savings, you can also apply a promo code at checkout. I highly recommend that you go ASAP to sign yourself up for the Saks newsletter. When you do, they'll email you a 10% off code good for your entire order! If you end up using the code and needing another one, make a new gmail account and sign yourself up again. It's really that simple.

Now, an entirely different demon on my shopping map is called Off 5th, the almost-as-pretty-but-not-quite outlet stepsister of Saks. There are 64 of these babies in the US, and I highly recommend that you find the one closest to you ASAP.

A store like this is perfect for timeless wardrobe staples like Sam Edelman boots, nude Stuart Weitzman pumps and J. Brands. On top of the in-store discounts, there are often coupons for 30% off a single item, so a nice pair of Hudsons will end up being around $50. Off 5th also has an extensive sunglass section, and I've never struggled to find a nice pair of designer aviators for no more than $40. 

Happy shopping! yes, please!

In this day and age, there are sooooo many ways to save on food. I'd say 6 out of 10 restaurants are currently featured on various websites and offering discounts, simply for promotional purposes. These deals are 100% intended to bring in customers, so why not let yourself be one of them??

Unless you're going to Barton G or NYC's Per Se, a deal probably exists and you need to find it. 

The good news is that coupons have now gone mobile, so presenting them to your waiter is slightly less embarrassing than it used to be. My favorite restaurant discount site right now is (drum roll please): Ahh…one of life’s most beautiful hidden gems. Here's the way it works: you go online, find your favorite restaurant in any zip code, and then pay at least half price for a gift certificate there. Your voucher can be worth anything from $10-$150, but the best deal for 1-3 people is always the $25.
Atrio Miami
Photo Credit:

One of the requirements of each voucher is that you spend a certain amount to get your discount. With the $25 certificate, you usually have to spend $40 or less so the $15 variance makes the deal totally worthwhile. 

The larger certificates have huge spending requirements...usually you have to spend double what the certificate is worth. So, unless you're feasting with your fam or going for a large-scale girls dinner, it's not really worth it. Why? Because you'll end up spending way more than you normally would on extra apps and desserts you didn't really want or need. And even though we love a good deal, 8 desserts for 3 people isn't always justifiable...only sometimes. 

Lastly and perhaps most importantly NEVER buy on without a promo code…because why should you? I promise to keep an updated promo code on here at all times, and when the discounts start rolling in you'll be the first to know.

Right now the promo code is "2days" and all certificates are half off. The deals get better though so don't race to the site unless you're in a food frenzy and looking for a lunch deal. 

Most weeks, you can get your $25 certificates for only $1 or $2 and then stock up because guess what? THE CERTIFICATES NEVER EXPIRE!!!

P.S. they say that you should show the voucher to your waiter before the meal but I absolutely do not EVER do this…it’s awkward and they treat you differently…so keep your penny-saving top secret and just fold your deal up when the check comes or flash the server your mobile voucher and get down with your bad self.

P.P.S. if you sign up through my link, everybody wins ;) ReferAFriend.asp?ReferralID=434323732323