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In this day and age, there are sooooo many ways to save on food. I'd say 6 out of 10 restaurants are currently featured on various websites and offering discounts, simply for promotional purposes. These deals are 100% intended to bring in customers, so why not let yourself be one of them??

Unless you're going to Barton G or NYC's Per Se, a deal probably exists and you need to find it. 

The good news is that coupons have now gone mobile, so presenting them to your waiter is slightly less embarrassing than it used to be. My favorite restaurant discount site right now is (drum roll please): Ahh…one of life’s most beautiful hidden gems. Here's the way it works: you go online, find your favorite restaurant in any zip code, and then pay at least half price for a gift certificate there. Your voucher can be worth anything from $10-$150, but the best deal for 1-3 people is always the $25.
Atrio Miami
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One of the requirements of each voucher is that you spend a certain amount to get your discount. With the $25 certificate, you usually have to spend $40 or less so the $15 variance makes the deal totally worthwhile. 

The larger certificates have huge spending requirements...usually you have to spend double what the certificate is worth. So, unless you're feasting with your fam or going for a large-scale girls dinner, it's not really worth it. Why? Because you'll end up spending way more than you normally would on extra apps and desserts you didn't really want or need. And even though we love a good deal, 8 desserts for 3 people isn't always justifiable...only sometimes. 

Lastly and perhaps most importantly NEVER buy on without a promo code…because why should you? I promise to keep an updated promo code on here at all times, and when the discounts start rolling in you'll be the first to know.

Right now the promo code is "2days" and all certificates are half off. The deals get better though so don't race to the site unless you're in a food frenzy and looking for a lunch deal. 

Most weeks, you can get your $25 certificates for only $1 or $2 and then stock up because guess what? THE CERTIFICATES NEVER EXPIRE!!!

P.S. they say that you should show the voucher to your waiter before the meal but I absolutely do not EVER do this…it’s awkward and they treat you differently…so keep your penny-saving top secret and just fold your deal up when the check comes or flash the server your mobile voucher and get down with your bad self.

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