Monday, August 20, 2012

Did someone say free movies?

For the last few years, I've been so busy scrounging the net for free movies that I've forgotten what it's like to smell the movie theatre enjoy the ambience of a dimly lit theatre, to find seats between an adorable family and a high-school couple, making out violently through the previews. Oh, the joys of cinema...

Luckily, saving money on pricey movie tickets just got a whole lot easier. Every once in a while, Moviefone sponsors a movie ticket giveaway. This is NOT a scam, I've scored tons of free tickets on this thing and all you have to do is spin a virtual prize wheel.

It's like gambling for free! Go to the following link:, enter your email/contact info one time and you'll be registered to play once a day until August 31st. I promise you have absolutely nothing to worry about, they won't fill your inbox with spam and your info won't be sold to third-world countries or killers.

There are thousands of free movie tickets to be had, so play once a day, be persistent, and watch the tickets roll in. I've already won two this week. Oh, and why not make a day of it? Start with a matinee and then theatre hop until you've crossed every movie off your "to see" list.

Good Luck!!

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