Friday, August 24, 2012

Travel Vouchers: Get 'Em While They're Hot!

For some, air travel might not be easy. There's so much schlep and waiting and boredom and far too many annoying gate agents trying to confiscate your brand new Tweezerman's...I mean, STRESS CENTRAL.

But if there's one thing I've learned in my past few years of travel it's that going home with a little goody bag from your airline makes it all worthwhile.

LET ME OFF THE PLANE, I said I'd do it!!!
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Every once in a while when life is really on your side, your flight will be oversold. When this happens, don't you dare settle into your latest "airplane playlist" and slip down your sleepy mask. You have a job to do. YOU BETTER BE LISTENING for the flight attendants when they ask for volunteers to get off the plane. I repeat, if volunteers are requested, you need to catapult yourself into the arms of a flight attendant, grab your bags and get your little behind off the plane. Why, you ask?

Because compensation for volunteers ranges anywhere from $300-$800 plus hotel accommodations (if necessary) and meals...and you'll get a seat on the next flight out. I don't care if I have a wedding to get to, I'm getting off the plane!

The last time I was fortunate enough to be booted off my flight, I was given a $350 travel voucher, a flight refund, and immediate rebooking. After all my prizes were awarded, they ended up putting me back on my original flight. I may have gotten the death stare from an entire airplane of people but hey, who's the one with a purse full of presents? THIS GIRL! I'll take a $500 walk of shame up and back from my aircraft any day.

So tonight when you're brushing your teeth in the bathroom mirror, be sure to practice your swift, assertive hand-raising skills...because voucher-snagging is an art and you've gotta be quick.

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