Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Express Sale: a gift from the heavens

Are we seeing stars or is this real life? The sale at Express is literally out of this world.

If we're being honest here, I'm usually put off by how unjustifiably expensive the store-brand clothes at Express are and boycott until Holiday sales happen...but listen up, ya'll: Christmas came early this year.

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From now until Monday (9/3), Express has put the ENTIRE store/website on sale. When you buy any item, a second item of equal or lesser value will be 50% off.

And if you're not already en route to the mall driving like it's your last lap of the the Indy 500, you can take an additional $25 off $50 or $50 off $125 if you've really gone all out.

And don't you dare feel guilty about the latter...there comes a point in every woman's life where a deep, genuine connection with a certain item is formed and then the bond is simply too strong to abandon at the register....we understand.

Tip: If you suspect your total might come out to $250 or more, try to organize your maxis into $125 piles and then checkout twice. It's certainly worth the hassle for the extra $50 off.

Tip #2: Always try to find like-priced items...the deal is not as good if you buy an $80 dress and then get your $15 scarf half price...ummm that's just embarrassing. It's the Express-lympics, so go for the gold, baby!

Example: If you find two great things for $39 a piece, your grand total will be $30 after discounts. Make that your goal. To get your discount online, enter  promo code "1792" at checkout. If you're more of an "in-store" kind of gal, CLICK HERE TO PRINT THE COUPON.

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