Thursday, August 30, 2012

Never pay for movie tickets again. Ever.

Last night I had the extreme pleasure (pun intended) of catching a sneak peek of the movie, "For a Good Time, Call". As always, the stupid, sexual humor was totally my scene. And since I tend to measure the success of a movie by how violent my belly laughter becomes, my sore abs are telling me that this one was a real gem. Funny? Yes. Intellectual? No. Free? Yes.

Seeing as though the movie isn't actually released until tomorrow, I felt like a real-life celeb with access to the advance screening. I even wore a cocktail dress and sported an updo with curls for my red carpet debut but sadly, the Cinemark Paradise knows no such thing. I mean, WHERE were the paparazzi???

Truth is, these advance screenings are literally open to everyone. Here's the trick: when there's a movie coming out that you've been dying to see, check for the insider scoop on where your movie will be screened and when. You can either type in your zip code or the movie's name for available screenings, and then you'll get the info on how to snag the tickets. Often times, Film Metro or Fandango will hook you up with an instantly printable pair of passes. For Free! It just doesn't get much easier than that, folks.

Tip: Get to the theater about 30 minutes early. A line of over-stimulated teenagers will, most likely, already be there waiting and though we usually love to be fashionably late, it's never cool to be fashionably denied access to the theater.

For less popular movies and/or weekdays, finding a seat shouldn't be a problem, though arriving a little early is always your best bet. So indulge a little at the concessions counter and drop the guilt over a $5 small popcorn + buncha crunch...because it all evens out when your movie is free.

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