Thursday, August 23, 2012

Groupon: Clicky the Clickable Value-Wheel

Ever since I was a little girl, coupons have been an integral part of my life. To this day, words could never describe the feeling of joy and satisfaction I get from saving a mere $1 on a box of Special K at the supermarket.

So, you can imagine my excitement circa 2008 when Groupon stole a little piece of my heart and only a few [hundred] dollars from my wallet. Often, I find myself buying deals for things I don't even want simply because the deal is too good to resist. Bamboo water torture for $99, you say? An evening trapped in a bat-cave for $19? Just. Can't. Say. No.

But seriously, some of the deals on Groupon are fab. I mean, who wouldn't want a $19 mani/pedi with a glass of champagne or a $100 all-inclusive getaway to Mexico? With that said, have you ever wondered what could be better than scoring one of these great Groupon deals? I'll tell you what...getting a deal on top of your deal! Allow me to explain...

Groupon Clicky the Clickable Value-Wheel
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Back in January or so, Groupon invented Clicky the Clickable Value-Wheel, a hideous and almost offensively creepy prize-wheel. But when linked with your Facebook account, Clicky gives you a daily opportunity to score additional savings for your purchases. If you're lucky, you can land on anything from $5 to $100 to be used towards a future purchase. Then if you're feeling frisky and want to "like" the Clicky Facebook page, you can get 5 additional spins on the spot. 

If you land on "Oops", don't fret. One of the beauties of this game is that there aren't any real "losers". Perhaps the best part about Clicky is that simply by playing, you gain access to the best deals that have already been closed to the general public as something of a consolation prize.

So go on, get clicking with Clicky and be sure to comment if you land on something brag-worthy! Click here to get to Clicky!

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