Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chocolate Lovers Unite!

As we transition from August to September, I come to you with groundbreaking information; Godiva has a chocolate rewards club! Who knew?? Because the rewards start rolling in the month after you join, signing up today gives you the opportunity to start earning rewards as early as tomorrow! (Sneaky, sneaky)...

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As a member, you are entitled to one free chocolate every month! And as a female, I can personally say that there are times EVERY MONTH when, if I don't get my chocolate fix, somebody's gonna get punched. Am I right, ladies, or am I right???

Chocolate gift baskets are also a great way to say, "I love you" to that special someone or to send well wishes to a coworker..."I know nothing about you except that you're a little overweight and hoard chocolate at your desk everyday. Enjoy!"... Hey, you can use your annual free shipping reward for that and, wait for it....spend $20 or more in any single transaction and you better believe there's an extra gift in store for you...(literally, it will be in-store waiting for you after the 1st of the following month).

Membership is 100% free and sign up takes a grand total of 25 whatcha waiting for?? One delectable piece of chocolate is not going to ruin your stunning, you'll burn the cals right off walking back to your car (atleast that's what I tell myself after making high-caloric mistakes). SIGN UP FOR CHOCOLATE REWARDS HERE!

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