Sunday, November 4, 2012

Save money and GET PAID with promo codes!

The absolute best part of online shopping comes at checkout; the exhilarating moment when you input that promo code you spent hours researching and your new discounted price is displayed!

While capturing a great code is always worthwhile, scouring the net for valuable coupons is certainly not for the faint of heart. Thankfully, our brilliant friends over at BeFrugal have simplified the promo code process to make money-saving both undemanding and profitable! Introducing: "Couponomatic (TM)".

Couponomatic is a browser add-on that provides an automatic drop-down menu of promo code options at checkout as well as varying amounts of cash back for 3,000+ online retailers. The add-on is compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox and can be downloaded here.

Rather than tweaking google searches yourself for hours on end, BeFrugal does all the work for you by performing daily updates and tests to ensure that all promo codes are current and functional. 

Tip: Be sure to sign up for BeFrugal before installing the add-on (sign-up is 100% free). This way, you'll bank on those cash back rewards and save at the same time. (By shopping online through BeFrugal, you can get up to 30% cash back straight to your account). Once you request payment, BrFrugal will literally send you a check or paypal transfer in the amount you've earned and there is NO fee for this potentially lucrative feature.

So grab Couponomatic and get ready to have nothing to lose and plenty of cash back to gain!

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