Wednesday, September 12, 2012

CVS extrabucks: make money doing nothing

Who here has watched Extreme Couponing and been extremely jealous when those brilliant lunatics leave the supermarket with $1,000 in free Ketchup and Gushers and a $20 bill in "overage"??? Many of us, me included, have dreams and fantasies of this happening to us but let's face it, we're just not there yet.

Great news! CVS has now made it a billion times easier to leave their store with a little extra cash. How? The CVS extrabucks rewards program is like a big yellow book of money-saving for dummies and basically ensures that if you buy from them, you'll be rewarded.

Here's how it works: after signing up for an extracare card, you can check your weekly ad to see what's eligible for reward and then get crazy with it! Usually, 5-10 items will be listed and by making a combined purchase of $25-$30 of those specific items, you'll get a $10 voucher good for mostly anything in the store. There will also always be individual items that, when purchased, will earn you a few extrabucks to add to the stock pile.

Tip: Sometimes when you're REALLY lucky, the extrabucks reward will be greater than the actual price of the item. So umm, we don't care if it's a jumbo pack of Depends for women, you better GET IT. This is the "No Deal Left Behind Act of 2012", ya'll...who's with me??

In addition to weekly reward earnings, every single purchase you make at CVS qualifies you for a 2% cash back reward that is accumulated quarterly. And for a very limited time, there are double quarterly rewards so you'll get a whopping 4% cash back on all purchases. Hey hey hey, a little loyalty goes a long way, suckas.

CVS=Continuous Value Snatching

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