Monday, September 24, 2012

Splurge of the week: 9/24

Your Place or Mayan Clutch from
What do your 9th grade Geometry class, African drum carvings and the colors from a handful of sour gummy worms have in common? They've all somehow influenced the creation of this fabulous clutch from!

With bold prints and colors playing an integral role in Fall fashion, accessories are the perfect way to experiment without committing to an entirely new, trend-inspired wardrobe. This deliciously vibrant clutch is the perfect statement starting-point, packed with personality, elegant hues and eye-catching design. The clutch is also sure to make you look like a fun, mysterious person.

As a generous buying incentive, offers 50% off your total first purchase with signup. So, after discounts, this spicy "Your Place or Mayan Clutch" amounts to nothing more than $22 + Shipping and Handling. Proceed with caution, however, as everything on TOBI is amazing and affordably justifiable and you're more than likely to come out with a few more blouses than you bargained for.


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