Monday, September 17, 2012

Splurge of the week 9/17

hmmmm...perhaps I spoke too soon.
As much as we hate to say it, Summer 2012 is officially a thing of the past. And while the Florida sun often allows for a few extra sun-dress cameos, those of you in Alaska and NYC aren't exactly walking around in bikinis in September.

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So as crisp Fall weather approaches, it is absolutely essential that every female splurge on a quality pair of HUE leggings...or three. HUE's come in an amazing variety of colors and fabrics and while my #1 pick is a classic pair of denims, their microsuede line vaguely reminds me of a fab wearable version of my favorite throw blanket. In a very very good way.

While these are a tad pricier than the little cotton one's from Target that we're used to, HUE's are one of the best investment decisions I've made in my life thus far. I've literally worn them 300 days out of the past 365 this year and they still look completely fresh and new...they also consistently make me look 5 pounds skinnier which is always appreciated, especially after a froyo-binge.

Tip: Please keep in mind that not all jeggings are created equal. Pajama Jeans are NEVER ok, for any reason at all, whatsoever.

All in all, HUE leggings are totally versatile and your long sexy legs deserve only the best! Visit for a peek at the multitude of adorable options.

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