Tuesday, October 23, 2012

FREE $25 Spa Week Gift Card in 15 minutes!

Spa Week is a week-long extravaganza where an assortment of amazing spas across the country reduce their best treatments to just $50. Now, I know Spa Week is only meant to last one week (hence the name), but many locations have extended their amazing prices through the end of October! For a list of spas still offering $50 treatments, look here!

Photo Credit: Spaweek.com
And because you all deserve to be saving those extra bills for a fab new pair of Jimmy Choo's, here's 7 easy ways to cut your Spa Week treatment price in half! Earn 250 points (a $25 gift card reward) in 15 minutes by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Join MyWellness Rewards HERE (50 points)
Step 2: Click account and link your Twitter/Facebook/Foursquare (60 points total)
Step 3: Refer 10 friends, one at a time (50 points)
Step 4: Enter all 5 giveaways on the homepage (50 points)
Step 5: Follow @SpaWeek on Twitter (10 points)
Step 6: Send one tweet from the "refer friends" page (5 points)
Step 7: Sign up for news and spa deals (25 points)

To shave an extra $2.50 off the balance of your treatment, purchase a Spa Week Gift Card for $25 and receive 10% off by typing promo code "WELLNESS" at checkout. Each dollar you spend earns you a Wellness Point, so you'll already be on the road to a new reward!

Tip: if you don't have any of the listed social media accounts, it takes 30 seconds to make one and will be worth it when you're living in the lap of luxury at the Ritz Palm Beach for next-to-nothing. Namaste!

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