Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Groupon Now! Deals, save ASAP

Every once in a while, a busy schedule provides some unexpected and much appreciated breathing room. Just when you remember that your favorite studio has lunchtime Cardio Barre, you call and the class is already full. Of course it is. Before abandoning all hope of a midday workout, check Groupon Now! for other class vacancies in your area.

Depending on daily availability, you can grab anything from a last-minute massage at your neighborhood spa to half price sushi or 60% off at your favorite athletic-apparel boutique. The only difference between this section of Groupon and regular daily deals is that rather than trying to keep their nail salon busy until May of 2014, merchants might just be looking to fill a cancellation or an empty 4pm slot at a discounted rate.

Gone are the days of waiting 1 year for an appointment at your favorite Brazilian Wax and Vajazzling hot spot. Groupon Now! gives you more of an individualized deal experience, allowing you to view openings and choose the ones that work best for you. While your voucher expires on the day of use that was selected at checkout, if you end up not using your deal then Groupon, when contacted, will issue a refund.

So grab that last spot in 6pm hot yoga or BOGO sandwiches from the corner deli, because someone's gonna steal the deal and it might as well be you. Groupon Now!

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