Monday, October 15, 2012

Splurge of the week 10/15

If ballet flats and men's loafers had a fling, smoking slippers would be their adorable lovechild. Inspired by your grandpa's famous late-night cigar clothes, each pair guarantees to be a comfortable and versatile addition to your already chic wardrobe.

DV Dolce Vita Smoking Flats-Gilly $69
Studded, embellished with glitter, printed, patterned or suede, there's a style of smoking slippers for everyone, no matching bathrobe necessary!

Dolce Vita's adorable Gilly Smoking Flats are the epitome of effortless Fall fashion. Whether slipped on with jeans and a tank to complete a casual look or worn to balance business-wear, these smoking flats will keep your feet looking both edgy and elegant. 

If you're not as obsessed with bold animal prints as the average female, this exact pair comes in a variety of solid colors that will make your little piggy's look subtle and sophisticated. So embrace your inner-smoker without the dangerous addiction and splurge on your very own pair...because smoking slippers are both fashionable and the world's answer for PHD (post-heel depression). 

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  1. Target has a great pair for a fraction of the cost! ;)

    Love the cheetah print!