Monday, October 8, 2012

Splurge of the week 10/8

Sparkle & Fade Cutout Knit Peplum Dress
Unless you live under a rock and/or your name is Bertha, you've probably noticed that the vintage peplum look is back in style in a big way.

Enormously flattering in all the right places, that little peplum skirt is the exact disguise we need as the holidays roll should never be expected to pass up a fantastic looking cheese platter or Aunt Gwen's famous fudge cake.

Providing a slimming shield for that lower-tummy pooch we all despise, a peplum waist has got you covered...literally. Peplum also gives the body a sexy, ultra-feminine hourglass shape. Pair a peplum top with loose shorts for daytime or slip it over a pencil skirt for a chic professional (happy hour) look.

Urban Outfitters Cutout Ponte Knit Peplum Dress ($69) is totally splurge-worthy for this week, and if you don't live near a store, no worries...there's free shipping for all orders over $50!

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